Welcome to Stitch! We are an urban craft room offering beautiful yarns, modern fabrics, and a blend of needle craft supplies.

We are inspired by our own mothers’ and grandmothers’ needle craft traditions. Like our grandmothers, we hope to re-create a community for stitchers, old and new, to work alongside one another.

Our class list appeals to all levels of experience. So whether you are new to needle crafts or you’ve been stitching for a lifetime, we invite you to come stitch with us!

Tami + Jess


Tuesday-Friday 10a-6p; Saturday 10a-5p




315 E 5th Street Des Moines IA 50309

Farewell Stitch


It is with a big mix of emotions that I am announcing Stitch’s farewell. The time for the next journey is beginning for me and so I must close one chapter to move on to the next. There are so many things I will miss. I will miss the store, the endless inspiration, the classes, the craft nights, and mostly all of you. Life-long friendships have been forged during these two years. Thank you to everyone who has shared their projects, their inspiration, and their lives with me and my team. I speak for all of us here at Stitch, we love you!

We do need your help finding homes for some amazing fabric, yarn, and needle craft supplies. Everything will be discounted through the month of December (including fixtures). So stock up, stash away, share with friends, and give some amazing gifts this Christmas! All merchandise will be discounted through December.

On a positive note, Haley will be continuing sewing lessons! To read more, click here for more information.

What an indescribable joy it has been to get to know all of you. I look forward to seeing you over the next few weeks. Thank you for your continual support of Stitch, my staff, and me.

With Love,

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315 E 5th Street Des Moines IA 50309



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